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SubjectRe: The GPL, the kernel. <cough>and the GNU, barely </cough>.
> Because, to a large extent, for the core kernel developers, the existing
> system is fine.

Rather like a chocolate teapot, those who are going off tea, wouldn't
care less.

>Right there you've put your finger on a problem. Many core developers are
>working hard to make sure that this never happens. See arguments in favor
>of open source.

This list has those? WOW.

>>It looks to me as though an underlying, larger problem is that there are
>several distinct communities which are all interested in Linux, but which
>have divergent values.

Only 2 of those communities developed the whole OS, neither of them was NVidia.

>Others want a Windows-killer and
>obsess about the desktop, or installation, or other ease-of-use-by-those-
>who'd-rather-not-think-about-computers issues.

Ah the readers/creators of linux format...

>Me, I could care less whether Linux achieves world domination. The
>business desktop is to me an utterly uninteresting problem. The only
>reason I worry about things like market penetration is that competing
>So, you need to look at the *really* big picture. There are people who
>think the way you do, and people who don't, and it would be a worthy
>challenge to find a way to somewhat satisfy both groups.

Why if they don't develop code, should they get a say???

>Given the inertia of existing applications and documents in business
>[read Microsoft Office] you also need to get Microsoft on board as an


>john alvord
Thanks for your opinion... Time to develop code, and shut up...
Cheers, Dean.

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