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SubjectRe: 2.5.63 accesses below %esp (was: Re: ntfs OOPS (2.5.63))
In article <>,
Szakacsits Szabolcs <> wrote:
>At least spinlock debugging triggers this bad code generation in the
>widely used init_waitqueue_head() but quite probably there are others.
>AFAIK fomit-frame-pointer was used earlier to workaround this but
>apparently not anymore, so the bug came back. Maybe the new kernel
>build broke it or it was just forgotten or it's a new policy not
>supporting broken compilers, etc. I don't know.
>But something should be done about it, IMHO.

Ouch, hell yes. Compiler bugs are nasty to chase down.

If there is a well-known list of compilers, we should put a BIG warning
in some core kernel file to guide people to upgrade (or maybe work
around it by forcing -fno-frame-pointer if that fixes it for the
affected compilers).

Do we have a list?

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