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SubjectSupermicro X5DL8-GG (ServerWorks Grandchampion LE chipset) slow

I've been doing some benchmarks with this board, it is terribly disppointing.
Has anyone had similar experiences?

The hardware spec is:
Dual 2.8GHz Xeon, 3ware Escalade 7850 (7500-8) 12 port IDE RAID controller,
RAID 10, 4x 1GB DDR SDRAM Registered ECC, 2x 80GB WD HDD, 10x 120GB WD HDD,
ServerWorks Grand Champion LE.

I am running RH7.3 with 2.4.20 kernel. The performance of this box is about
half of an almost identical box (Supermicro X5DP8-G2 mobo, E7501 chipset)

Also, this board can't even boot with 8x 1GB memory modules plugged in (8 DIMM
slots in total). This is a relative new board and I can't find anything
relevant on the net.

Song Zhao
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