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Subject[PROBLEM] PDC20269 on smp and up

I can't get two pci PDC20269 boards (Promise Ultra 133 tx2)
to run stably neither on a smp
nor in a up box. The kernel hangs with no oops and no message is

I've gotten to run one of the PDC boards in a up box well with 2.4.18 and
2.4.20*-ac. But in the smp
box, only with latter -ac kernels or 2.5 kernel will work ok. Although
with last -ac patch for 2.4.21-pre4, I can't boot it in the smp box,
because a bug on amd74xx.

I'm really kernelnewbie so, I will aprecieate any hints in how to start
looking for the bug, and I will apreciate your thoughts about if ide
drivers are too difficult for a kernel beginner. I'm running the kernel
on the smp box with nmi_watchdog=2.

I have tried to run with nmi_watchdog=2 and =1 on the up box, but I still
don't see any NMI interrupts in /proc/interrupts. The processor is AMD XP
1600+ model 6, family 6.

Any hints in what to do will be nice.

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