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Subjecthidden assumptions in generic_file_write

Looking at the following code of generic_file_write(), in 2.4, it
looks like there is a hidden assumption on the behavior of
prepare_write() and commit_write() about the behaviour of the file
system specific prepare_write() and commit_write() functions.

do {
kaddr = kmap(page);
status = mapping->a_ops->prepare_write(file, page, offset, offset+bytes);
if (status)
goto sync_failure;
page_fault = __copy_from_user(kaddr+offset, buf, bytes);
status = mapping->a_ops->commit_write(file, page, offset, offset+bytes);
if (page_fault)
goto fail_write;
if (!status)
status = bytes;

if (status >= 0) {
written += status;
count -= status;
pos += status;
buf += status;
/* Mark it unlocked again and drop the page.. */

if (status < 0)
} while (count);

Since the data is copied to the page after prepare_write() returns, it
seems that the assumption is that prepare_write() is synchronous and
the page was already read into memory in case it was not there.

Also, after commit_write(), the code immediately falls through unlock
which unlocks the page. Since a page is locked during IO, it seems
that commit_write() is synchronous and the page was already written
when it returns.

Can anyone clarify if these two assumptions are correct? if not, where
are we misinterpreting the code?

Muli Ben-Yehuda,
Avi Teperman
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