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SubjectRe: 2.6.0 sound output - wierd effects
>> Upgraded my home desktop to 2.6.0.
>> Somewhere between 2.5.63 and 2.6.0, sound got screwed up - I've confirmed
>> this happens on mainline, as well as -mjb.
>> If I leave xmms playing (in random shuffle mode) every 2 minutes or so,
>> I'll get some wierd effect for a few seconds, either static, or the track
>> will mysteriously speed up or slow down. Then all is back to normal for
>> another couple of minutes.
>> Anyone else seen this, or got any clues? Else I guess I'm stuck playing
>> bisection search.
> I get exactly the same with kernel 2.4 and alsa, intel8x0 ac97, but did
> not test alsa 1.0rc yet, which mentions "intel8x0 driver fixes, OSS PCM
> emulation fixes" - perhaps these fixes help.

I tried rc2, the latest from their website, it's still broken.


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