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Subject2.6.0 sound output - wierd effects
Upgraded my home desktop to 2.6.0. 
Somewhere between 2.5.63 and 2.6.0, sound got screwed up - I've confirmed
this happens on mainline, as well as -mjb.

If I leave xmms playing (in random shuffle mode) every 2 minutes or so,
I'll get some wierd effect for a few seconds, either static, or the track
will mysteriously speed up or slow down. Then all is back to normal for
another couple of minutes.

Anyone else seen this, or got any clues? Else I guess I'm stuck playing
bisection search.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 0.9.7 (Thu Sep 25 19:16:36 2003 UTC).
PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 0000:00:02.7
intel8x0: clocking to 48000
ALSA device list:
#0: SiS SI7012 at 0xdc00, irq 11

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2100+, no power management or ACPI compiled in.


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