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    SubjectRe: libata testing on new machine with ICH5 and PDC20318
    Jeff Garzik wrote:

    > The ICH5 should be fine. You may need to twiddle BIOS setup options,
    > some users have reported that both drivers/ide and libata fail in
    > certain BIOS modes. "Enhanced - SATA only" is usually the preferred
    > mode, where feasible.

    I forgot to mention I will not be booting off of any of the SATA disks,
    so that should cover the BIOS issues by just ignoring them.

    > You need to make sure you get the Promise SATA fixes I just pushed to
    > Linus. Presumably they will be available in the next 2.6.0-testX BK
    > snapshot on, tonight or the next night.

    I saw that message; I won't have the hardware until late next week, so
    I'll watch to see what happens with the snapshot/-testX situation by then.

    I'll have about three weeks to use the machine for "whatever" before I
    have to start preparing it for its real purpose, so if there's any
    stress tests or anything I else I can run that would be useful let me know.

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