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The patchset contains mainly performance, scalability and NUMA stuff, 
and anything else that stops things from irritating me. It's meant to be
pretty stable, not so much a testing ground for new stuff.

I'd be very interested in feedback from anyone willing to test on any
platform, however large or small.

Since 2.6.0-test9-mjb3 (~ = changed, + = added, - = dropped)

Notes: Mostly a merge forwards.

Now in Linus' tree:


- imcplicit_large_page Adam Litke
Breaks PPC64 build. New patch soon.


+ scsi_fix Mike Anderson
Fix kobject oops.

+ pci_topology Matt Dobson
Expose PCI NUMA topology to userspace

4/4 split
Hyperthreaded scheduler (Ingo Molnar)
scheduler callers profiling (Anton or Bill Hartner)
Child runs first (akpm)
e1000 fixes
pidmaps_nodepages (Dave Hansen)

Present in this patch:

kgdb Various
Stolen from akpm's 2.6.0-test9-mm2

early_printk Dave Hansen / Keith Mannthey
Allow printk before console_init

confighz Andrew Morton / Dave Hansen
Make HZ a config option of 100 Hz or 1000 Hz

config_page_offset Dave Hansen / Andrea
Make PAGE_OFFSET a config option

numameminfo Martin Bligh / Keith Mannthey
Expose NUMA meminfo information under /proc/meminfo.numa

sched_tunables Robert Love
Provide tunable parameters for the scheduler (+ NUMA scheduler)

partial_objrmap Dave McCracken
Object based rmap for filebacked pages.

spinlock_inlining Andrew Morton & Martin J. Bligh
Inline spinlocks for profiling. Made into a ugly config option by me.

lockmeter John Hawkes / Hanna Linder
Locking stats.

sched_interactive Ingo Molnar
Bugfix for interactive scheduler

local_balance_exec Martin J. Bligh
Modify balance_exec to use node-local queues when idle

tcp_speedup Martin J. Bligh
Speedup TCP (avoid double copy) as suggested by Linus

disable preempt Martin J. Bligh
I broke preempt somehow, temporarily disable it to stop accidents

ppc64 pci fix Anton Blanchard
Fix some ppc64 pci thing or other.

per_node_idt Zwane Mwaikambo
Per node IDT so we can do silly numbers of IO-APICs on NUMA-Q

aiofix2 Mingming Cao
fixed a bug in ioctx_alloc()

config_irqbal Keith Mannthey
Make irqbalance a config option

percpu_real_loadavg Dave Hansen / Martin J. Bligh
Tell me what the real load average is, and tell me per cpu.

nolock Dave McCracken
Nah, we don't like locks.

mbind_part1 Matt Dobson
Bind some memory for NUMA.

mbind_part2 Matt Dobson
Bind some more memory for NUMA.

per_node_rss Matt Dobson
Track which nodes tasks mem is on, so sched can be sensible.

pfn_to_nid Martin J. Bligh
Dance around the twisted rats nest of crap in i386 include.

gfp_node_strict Dave Hansen
Add a node strict binding as a gfp mask option

page_lock William Lee Irwin
Conditionally convert mapping->page_lock back to an rwlock

irqbal_fast Adam Litke
Balance IRQs more readily

kcg Adam Litke
Acylic call graphs from the kernel. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

numa_mem_equals Dave Hansen
mem= command line parameter NUMA awareness.

schedstat Rick Lindsley
Provide lotsa scheduler statistics

autoswap Con Kolivas
Auto-tune swapiness

ext2_fix Andrew Morton
Fix a race in ext2

emulex driver Emulex
Driver for emulex fiberchannel cards

qlogic driver Qlogic
The qlogic driver

protocol254 Paul Mackerras / Omkhar
Allow protocol 254

slabtune Dave McCracken
Take slab in bigger bites on larger machines

less_bouncy Martin J. Bligh
Stop bouncing warm tasks cross node

topdown Bill Irwin
Turn userspace upside down for fun & profit

sysfs_vs_dcache Maneesh Soni
Fix race.

scsi_fix Mike Anderson
Fix kobject oops.

pci_topology Matt Dobson
Expose PCI NUMA topology to userspace

-mjb Martin J. Bligh
Add a tag to the makefile

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