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    SubjectRe: The plug and play menu is ISA only?
    Rob Landley <> writes:

    > Is the "plug and play" menu just ISA plug and play only? (It has nothing to
    > do with hotplug or anything else, right? PCI devices are "plug and play",
    > but that's an actual part of the PCI spec. USB is hotplug and play, etc.)
    > Or is this also used for on-motherboard devices in modern systems? (Is it
    > ever likely to be needed on a laptop made in the last five years, for
    > eample?)

    The only time you ever need to select ISA plug and play, is if you
    have an old PnP ISA card. You'd know if you did. Modern systems
    don't even have ISA slots.

    Måns Rullgård

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