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SubjectRe: The plug and play menu is ISA only?
On Sunday 23 November 2003 17:19, Adam Belay wrote:
> Yes, I'm planning on doing so in 2.7, along with some additional
> restructuring. Perhaps the entire "plug and play" menu could be moved in
> 2.6.1 to bus options.
> Thanks,
> Adam

I've got a number of changes I want to make to the menuconfig layout, but the
feature freeze was coming down by the time I started getting actual patches
done. (The bunzip patch is on the back burner for similar reasons.)

Let me know when you have something to test and I'll try to take a look, and
possibly clean up my own menuconfig to-do list to something legible and
bounce it off you. (Things like "Universal Serial Bus is a bus, we have a
buses menu, but USB is not under it, why?". The config layout is somewhere
between "random" and "looney" at this point, actually...)

And in 2.6.1, can we finally move MPT fusion support into the SCSI menu? I've
been harping on this forever, most recently submitting a patch in August...

But I've been intermittently bugging the list about it for over two years

Yeah, it's small and cosmetic. But it's annoying. :)

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