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    SubjectRe: 2.4.18 fork & defunct child.
    Edgar Toernig wrote:

    { strace listing deleted, see }

    >That is not normal /bin/true behaviour. Sure your system
    >isn't hacked? Give the -f option to ptrace to see what the
    >forked process is trying to do... Compare the size of
    >/bin/true with a known-good one.
    >Ciao, ET.

    I'm not sure. I should be running tripwire or something, this is the
    only one of my systems that doesn't run such a thing, as i have the
    firewall locked down and have been busy.
    But it is true i accidently did iptables -F and it was left that way for
    a few days.

    But this happens with any program, not just /bin/true, also the
    /bin/true on the root and chroot systems are identical. and with much
    interest i discovered, that if i unmount /proc, the problem goes away. aggh.

    that is why it is not exhibiting itself in the chroot system, - no /proc.

    I also remember that when this first happen nearly a year ago, some
    "unix engineer" at the ISP said, oh yeah that's because something in the
    ext2 filesystem header is corrupted.. i don't quite remember what he
    said exactly, something that sounded so far fetched that i ignored it.
    does that ring any bells with anyone?

    please help, ug, i hate having a linux system that's not reliable. feels
    like having a pet that's in pain or something.

    /lib/ ->


    (i'm cross-posting here to gcc and admin in the hopes of finding someone
    who has seen this, thanks!)

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