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SubjectRe: 2.4.18 fork & defunct child.
> { strace listing deleted, see 
> }

well, I strace'd by glibc 2.3.2 system /bin/true and it doesn't fork and
doesn't open proc (first place the two straces differ). Maybe your
libraries have been hacked - seems the most likely to me - if this is
happening for all programs than the libc is likely bad...

I can't understand what it is opening /proc/.../exe for and I don't
understand what the ///////// in there is for (I think more than 2
consecutive slashes are illegal in POSIX, not sure though, never use more
than 2 :) )

On a side note /bin/true should take up somewhere like 10 bytes asm code -
what the hell is that thing doing more than exit(1) for? it shouldn't open
any files at all... what a bad design (and true --help and true --version
don't work anyway... duh!)

perhaps try ltrace'ing /bin/true and see what that prints out?


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