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SubjectRe: reiserfs 3.6 problem with test9
> Just as a data point, have you tried simply unmounting and remounting
> the f/s?

Mounting and unmounting is done every time I boot my computer, that is every
day. I haven't seen any error message so far with fsck.
Maybe I haven't understood what you meant.

If the fsck found anything wrong then I didn't say that, but if
> there were no reported errors in the actual f/s then it is possible that
> the metadata in memory is being corrupted.

The errors I mentionned are the same every time on the same files.
I get them whenever I check for corrupted files with find / -name klqsjdfhkjlsdfh.
Of course I don't have any file with this name but find write on stdout all files
it could not access in the system.

which metadata are you talking about? The one in memory or those on the disk?
I check the memory with memtest (no problem) and the disk with badblocks (no problem)
and rebuilt the SB and the FS so there shouldn't be any problem with metadata.

Sorry if I sound stupid but I don't know anything about all that. I'm at loss about what
to do and even think about switchin between reiserfs and ext3.


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