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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/6] Backing Store for sysfs
Greg KH wrote:

> The hotplug event points to the sysfs location of the kobject, that's
> all. libsysfs then takes that kobject location and sucks up all of the
> attribute information for that kobject, which udev then uses to
> determine what it should do.

This sounds like a very different issue than what I thought you said
originally. Your other message said a "find over the sysfs tree",
implying some sort of tree-wide search for relevant information. In
fact, the "find" is only for attributes in the directory owned by the
kobject, right? Once they have been "found", they will age out of the
dentry/inode cache just like any other search results.

> Unless we want to pass all attribute information through hotplug, which
> we do not.

I agree, that would be difficult and hard to manage.

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