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SubjectRe: [2.5.54][PATCH] SB16 convertation to new PnP layer.
On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Adam Belay wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 06:35:12PM +0300, Ruslan U. Zakirov wrote:
> > 1) As I've understood we need to free all reserved resources when
> > remove function called, am I right?
> Yes, all resources must be freed or the device will not work if it is
> attached to the driver a second time. This is becuase the driver will
> think the device is busy when actually the resources were just never
> freed from the previous session. Also the resources must be freed to
> safetly disable the device.
Here I have strange behavior under 2.5.55 vanilla with my patch.
rmmod snd_*
OK, and it understandable for me. We just unload KO(->remove was called)
and didn't free resources(remove is empty now).
modprobe snd_sbawe isapnp=0 (I've got legacy card)
This cause an oops not error(logical behavior as I think because
resources busy), but module loads anyway and sound works.
I must reinstall binutils to install ksymoops, i'll do it tomorow after my
> > 2) Who decide card is accessible at some time or not?
> This is determined by both the pnp layer and the driver model. Becuase a
> card is a group of devices the individual devices must also not be matched
> to more than one driver. PnP Card Services have a few bugs in this area,
> all of which have been resolved in the patch I released last week. Greg,
> could you please forward that to Linus.
I've this patch and going to try write remove function.

> > 3) And the last, where is the place of ISA not PnP cards in the device
> > lists? As I think, they are fit with PnP bus, but their resources
> > static(not configurable) or it's just lays under ALSA, apears in
> > /proc/asound only and ALSA internals?
> Currently the pnp layer does not support legacy non PnP devices. I plan
> to add support for them soon. This support should achieve two objectives.
> 1.) Reserve resources used by the legacy devices
> a.) if the resources match an existing pnp devices, bind to that
> device
> b.) if they conflict but do not match exactly return an error
> c.) otherwise reserve the resources and prevent pnp devices from
> using them.
> 2.) Represent these legacy devices in sysfs. Maybe the current legacy dir
> could be used or I may have to create "pnp_legacy". Needs more research.
OK. Waiting for new changes.

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