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SubjectRe: [2.5.54][PATCH] SB16 convertation to new PnP layer.
>> Hello Adam and All.
>> Here is patch to sb16.c that makes it posible to compile and use this
>> driver under 2.5.54-vanilla.
>> It working for me as module and built in kernel, but it's need testing.
>> Ruslan.

AB> Hi Ruslan,

AB> I haven't had a chance to test this yet but everything does look ok. I
AB> think it will be ready once the below function is completed. Jaroslav,
AB> any comments? Also, if anyone has a built in wavetable, as previously
AB> mentioned by Zwane, I'd like to hear how this patch works for you. This
AB> patch makes full use of pnp card services, which is prefered for cards
AB> that have several closely related devices, and it would be great to
AB> further test those code paths.

AB> Thanks,
AB> Adam

>> -#endif /* __ISAPNP__ */
>> +static void snd_sb16_isapnp_remove(struct pnp_card * card)
>> +{
>> + /*FIX ME*/
>> +}
>> +
Hello Adam and Other.
I have got some stupid questions:
1) As I've understood we need to free all reserved resources when
remove function called, am I right?
2) Who decide card is accessible at some time or not?
3) And the last, where is the place of ISA not PnP cards in the device
lists? As I think, they are fit with PnP bus, but their resources
static(not configurable) or it's just lays under ALSA, apears in
/proc/asound only and ALSA internals?

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