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SubjectRe: A humble request for help
On Wednesday 08 January 2003 09:21 am, Stefan Görling wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm currently working on a thesis investigating how Open Source is
> affected by the influence of money and the interests of commercial
> companies. As the Linux Kernel efforts is the foundation of many
> companies it is interesting to study how their entrance to the scene
> have affected the community.
> The thesis as well as research papers surrounding it will be released
> under the GNU Free Documentation License and as soon as the first drafts
> are available they will be published so that the community may comment
> upon it.
> In order to improve the research, it would be great if you guys could
> spend a few minutes on this one. I have included below a list of the
> most active persons on this mailinglist during the year 2002. I have
> tried to establish their employer as far as e-mail adresses and google
> could help me out, but there are lots of unknowns, and probably some
> errors too. So please, send me patches.
> Also, if you belive that there are others who should be on this list, or
> someone who shouldn't please let me know.
> If there are someone out there who would be willing to answer some more
> detailed questions, such as how long they've been doing Open Source
> development as a source of income and how they think it have affected
> them and their efforts, please drop me a line. I'd be forever grateful.
> I am also very interested in interviewing developers who are major
> contributors on their free-time.

I am not sure whether I am what you are looking for as I don't get paid to
work on software, but feel free to email any questions you want to ask. Also
see below.

--Brian Jackson

> Alan Cox,RedHat
> Andrew Morton,
> David S. Miller,RedHat
> Linus Torvalds,Transmeta
> Greg Kh,Wirex ?
> Jeff Garzik,Mandrake Software
> Daniel Phillips,Innominate
> Dave Jones,SuSE
> Pavel Machek,SuSE
> Rik Van Riel,Conectiva
> William Lee Irwin III,IBM
> Rusty Russell,LinuxCare
> Robert Love,MontaVista Software
> Ingo Molnar,RedHat
> Jens Axboe,SuSE
> Martin Dalecki,Evision Ventures?
> Andrea Arcangeli,SuSE
> Christoph Hellwig,Caldera International
Now at SGI
> Andre Hedrick,SuSe
I think he started his own company
> Bill Davidsen,TMR Associates
> Russell King,ARM Ltd
> Alexander Viro,RedHat
> Keith Owens,SGI
> Zwane Mwaikambo,Unknown / Self-financed
> Thunder From The Hill,Unknown / Self-financed
> Martin J. Bligh,IBM
> Vojtech Pavlik,SuSE
> H. Peter Anvin,Transmeta
> Richard B. Johnson,Analogic Corporation
> Andi Kleen,SuSE
> Roman Zippel,Unknown / Self-financed
> Adrian Bunk,Unknown / Self-financed
> Larry McVoy,BitMover
> Andreas Dilger,Cluster File Systems, Inc
> Eric W. Biederman,Unknown / Self-financed
> Denis Vlasenko,Unknown / Self-financed
> James Simmons,Transvirtual
> George Anzinger,MontaVista Software
> Adam J. Richter,Yggdrasil
> Anton Altaparmakov,Unknown / Self-financed
> Davide Libenzi,Unknown / Self-financed
> Andries Brouwer,Unknown / Self-financed
> Arnaldo Carvalho De Melo,Conectiva
> Benjamin Lahaise,RedHat
> Tomas Szepe,Unknown / Self-financed
> Randy.Dunlap,OSDL
> Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk,Unknown / Self-financed
> Rob Landley,Unknown / Self-financed
> Trond Myklebust,Unknown / Self-financed
> David Woodhouse,RedHat
> Best Regards,
> Stefan Görling
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