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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in non-freedrivers?
On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 13:44, Richard Stallman wrote:
> So If I spend $X developing my game and then sell it closed with the
> stated intention of opening the source as soon as it has recouped a
> reasonable return on my investment, this would get your official seal of
> approval?
> Not quite. We can't count on this to result in free software.
> 2. There's no time limit. "As soon as it has recouped a reasonable
> return" could mean years from now, or never. As a result, even if you
> specify a specific free software license that you will use, we still
> can't count on this to make the package free software in any
> reasonable time.

So if he specifies a specific future license (eg GPL, just to simplify
things) and indicates what 'reasonable return' is (eg "a sale of 8,000
licenses" or some such) that would be ok......

> If these two points were suitably changed, this becomes a plan that I
> might recommend to you if you were otherwise going to keep the
> software non-free and there were no better possibility. However, I
> could not recommend actually using the software while it is non-free.

....but you'd recommend that people not have the freedom to make their
own price/value decisions AND (added bonus) actively work to PREVENT it
ever becoming GPL'd.

User: "This [game/driver/database/...] is exactly what I need, and its
only $50! Its worth way more than that to me, this rules."
RMS: "Sorry, you're not allowed to buy that. Just wait until it becomes
free, then its all yours."
User: "Um.. ok. I need it pretty soon, and $50 is a great deal; it would
cost me at least $2k and time I don't have to recreate it from scratch.
When will it be free so I can use it?"
RMS: "Well... when a bunch of people piss me off and go buy it."

Heh. Hehehehe. So we're back to the "software developers are evil and
should all starve to death" stance. Nifty. Thank [insert diety here]
that you are working so hard to destroy your reputation; I'd hate to see
the number of people following your edicts actually increasing..

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