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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in non-freedrivers?
Richard Stallman wrote:
> The GNU/Linux system is pretty large. For that matter, GCC and Linux
> are pretty large. So I think you're simply underestimating what we
> can do ethically, as an excuse for doing it the usual grabbing way.

Indeed. And the important large like gcc and glibc have substantial
corporate sponsorship without which they would be dead in the water.
Grabbing from the grabbers?

> Meanwhile, people have already pointed out that there are ways to
> raise money for some kinds of free software projects. From what I
> hear about game product cycles, you might be able to make the game
> free after a year without losing much in sales.

So If I spend $X developing my game and then sell it closed with the
stated intention of opening the source as soon as it has recouped a
reasonable return on my investment, this would get your official seal of

But isn't this exactly what Andre has been lambasted for? Perhaps you
should step in and say a few words in his defence.

> But if that doesn't work for you, I would not consider it a great loss
> for the world if your products were not produced. They contribute
> something to the world if they are free software, but otherwise not.

Perhaps not. But my 40 software developing staff are still going to be
mightily pissed when I don't make payroll.

Richard, you started out with some noble priciples, but seem to have
become a little confused somewhere along the way. The 'Don Quixote'
hacker knight ;)

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