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    Subject2.4.20aa1 ide-scsi crashes
    under heavy I/O load for my scsi-emulated cdrom 2.4.20aa1 crashes at

    drivers/scsi/scsi_dma:155 with
    panic("scsi_free:Trying to free unused memory")

    panic(..) somehow refuses to print the call trace because "IEEE in interrupt
    handler - no sync".

    The only scsi module I'm using is ide-scsi. As I browsed the aa patch I
    recognized that a few &io_request_lock have been exchanged for
    "q->queue_lock". But ide-scsi is still locking on io_request_lock. This is
    probably the source of the race condition. However I'm not sure because I
    think q->queue_lock is being initialized to &io_request_lock, so it should
    still be the same lock.

    See drivers/scsi/ide-scsi:295 or
    drivers/scsi/ide-scsi:850 (Why isn't there a lock in that case?)

    (done) referrs to sr.c:rw_intr which calls scsi_io_completion which calls
    the panic(..)-ing scsi_free)

    Any guesses?

    Regards, Clemens
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