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SubjectRe: export of sys_call_table
Kasper Dupont <> writes:

> Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> >
> > I wonder why kmonte can't just use a reboot notifier.... existing
> > infrastructure already ;(
> Because it doesn't hook sys_reboot to get notified about reboots.
> It hooks sys_reboot to add new calls, it could have been a new
> system call, but what monte does is slightly related to a reboot.
> I have myself added a feature to monte where it was essential to
> hook the sys_reboot call and do something else when a reboot was
> requested. Maybe I could have used a reboot notifier.
> What really bothers me about monte is:
> 1) Doesn't work on SMP
> 2) Doesn't seem to be maintened (does it even work on 2.5)?
> 3) Is not completely stable
> 4) Only available as a module, cannot be compiled in kernel.
> 5) I couldn't get my additional feature working with the latest
> version of monte.
> Perhaps there is some better alternative which I don't know?

It was an inch from being accepted into 2.5 last time I looked.

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