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SubjectGauntlet Set NOW!


I am going to sell and ship binary only models which is solely a protocol.
One which is in a working group and is not an offical document but will be
ratified soon.

I will not release the source code period. It is not a derived work.
It can and will be capable of running it on other unixs as well has have a
version for microsoft and maybe apple.

The API and boundary will execute all kernel operations and calls outside
of the core protocol. There is no hardware period. It is pure software.
I am prepared to show the the source of the API callers; however, given
the anal nature of the review I expect. I need a few more days to extract
every damn possible kernel function or caller that is even close to my
property. The object generated from that file will then be linked with a
private closed source library, which may or may not be setup under LGPL.

This would be the Library GPL and not the updated Lesser GPL.
But I am not prepared to set this position yet.

Are you prepared to SUE me ?
Are you prepared to SUE others like me ?
Are you prepared to SUE every company in Silicon Valley for embedded ?
Are you prepared to SUE every settop box vendor ?

Either, put up or walk on this issue.

Fear, Threats, and Intimidation resulting from a willful grey zone so
clearly and cleverly designed by yourself is not acceptable.

Since I am in a position of loosing revenue today because of this silly
issue of usage of headers and not any inline code inside them, I will seek
counter damages if I am forced into litigation.


Andre Hedrick
LAD Storage Consulting Group

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