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SubjectBIOS setup needed for LBA48?

Let's assume a certain IDE controller does LBA48.

Let's at the same time assume the BIOS doesn't know jack
about LBA48.

Let's then assume that I can get a kernel to boot on it,
what method I use doesn't matter. The BIOS doesn't lock up
or anything but it doesn't use more than the fabled 137GB.

Can the Linux Kernel then use the full drive (160GB/250GB/whatever)
even though the BIOS doesn't? (LBA48)

That's question number 1.

Question 2: Does the nForce chipset handle LBA48?

They are related but please answer question 1 even if question 2
is "no" :)

I tried looking for the answers myself but couldn't find a definite
answer. If it's plain in sight somewhere, please point me in the right

// Stefan

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