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SubjectRe: new CPUID bit
Ulrich> Northwood P4's have one more bit in the CPUID processor info
Ulrich> set: bit 31. Intel calls the feature PBE (Pending Break
Ulrich> Enable).

For the curious, from <>:

Adrian> Bit 31 is PBE (Pending Break Enable) which you can find in the
Adrian> latest P4 instruction manual (document 24547106, page
Adrian> 159-162). To quote:

24547106> Pending Break Enable. The processor supports the use of the
24547106> FERR#/PBE# pin when the processor is in the stop-clock state
24547106> (STPCLK# is asserted) to signal the processor that an
24547106> interrupt is pending and that the processor should return to
24547106> normal operation to handle the interrupt. Bit 10 (PBE
24547106> enable) in the IA32_MISC_ENABLE MSR enables this capability.


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