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Subjectintense disk or tty activity SEGV's X
Lately, using the nForce IDE driver I have noticed a few glitches with 
it that affect stability.

I use the BK tree for my kernel source. Lately, if I 1) clone a fresh
tree (i pull from a few places so sometimes there are some boggling
conflicts that a fresh tree fixes) or 2) run a bk pull, X will SEGV out
of nowhere. At first I thought it was the amount of disk activity.

But after reading the saga of the flukey tty code in the kernel, I am
thinking this could also be because of that? Lots of stuff scrolls by
when doing a bk clone, and when resolve runs after a bk pull there is
often lots of output.

There is no oops at all, nor anything that might be of help in dmesg.
Any ideas? I started noticing it around halfway through 2.5.56...

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