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Subjectnew linux site: message inviting participation by top linux advocates

a new linux project is soon to be announced and as part of the
preparation for its launch, this is an invitation for the top
linux and open source people to participate.

once announced, the project will be open to everyone, world-wide,
to the benefit of linux and open source, and the advance
participation of a few key people will help enormously to pave
the way.

this message is therefore intended to reach, in what i believe
to be an appropriate way (all things considered), the top linux
developers and the most active and recognised open source

for those people who believe that this approach is inappropriate,
i can only apologise in advance: please simply hit delete, now:
(hit it _really_ hard - get it out your system, that's right :),
and save everyone some further bandwidth.

please contact me direct

if you are one of the ten or so people that have received an
email directly from me recently, and you read this first,
i would greatly appreciate you taking the time to locate my
message to you, or to email me at for more information,
if that is more appropriate.

advice sought on reaching the top linus and OS community leaders

if you know of any more appropriate forums, or any more
appropriate methods by which the top linux developers and
advocates and the pioneers of open source may be contacted

... bearing in mind that they are incredibly busy and
receive hundreds of email messages per day...

i would love to hear from you (at my address).

please help me contact the linux and OS community leaders

if you are personally in touch with, on a regular basis,
one of the recognised leaders of the linux and open source
communities, then i would greatly appreciate it if you could
draw their attention to this message and also ask them to
contact me at my email address.

if you are NOT in touch with, on a regular and day-to-day basis,
the recognised leaders of the linux and open source communities,
please do NOT spam their inboxes irresponsibly with "oh, there's
this guy who posted on the linux mailing lists who wanted to get
in touch with you" style messages, you will only alienate them.



if you believe that someone, anywhere in the world, is a
recognised leader in the open source community and is
actively involved in promoting open source and linux,
then please email me with:

- their name

- their email address and web site, and best contact method.

- whether you are willing to help assist in contacting them
(you know them personally)

- references to some appropriate URLs that describe what they
have achieved.

to everyone with the patience and time to read this far:

many, many thanks.

if you love linux and believe in open source,
i believe that you will love the new project
when it is announced and ready to launch.


"jai guru dev"
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