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SubjectRe: DFE-580TX problems you posted on 05-24-02
On Thu, 5 Sep 2002 14:35:55 -0700
"Ryan S. Upton" <> wrote:

Hello all,

regarding DFE-580TX I have some additions:
1) the 2.4.20-pre5 included sundance.c does not work at all with a recent
Dlink-card, the interface statistics show complete garbage and there is no
link possible.
2) The dlink driver Ryan points to does not handle mixed 10- and 100-MBit
configuration. 100 MBit wins, 10 Mbit gives no link.
3) Donalds' drivers ( cannot be statically linked with the
kernel, there are dups in pci-scan.c and the current 2.4 kernel.


1) In fact I wouldn't buy DFE-580TX today if I had a real chance of finding a 4
port tulip-driven card...
2) For 2.4-kernel something should be done, because currently the situation is
a mess.


> Thanks, and hopefully this too will lighten your load. I was able to find a
> driver that does work for the DFE-580TX. It appears to be a derrivitive of
> DB's sundance 1.03a. It is being distributed from a dlink site and the
> license "MODULE_LICENSE" tag has been modified (removed) so this may taint
> GPL-Free-LGPL pristine machines, but the GPL still remains at the top... (?)
> Thanks to whoever modified this to work with the DFE-580TX (MIND THE LICENSE
> THOUGH!) and to everyone who posted allowing me to find this. Here's the
> link.
> -R
> Ryan S. Upton
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