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SubjectRe: DFE-580TX problems you posted on 05-24-02
In gmane.linux.kernel, you wrote:
> The fix for the DFE-580tx in Linux is to either download the driver
> from dlink's site (I don't have the exact URL, but you can find it if
> you look.), or perhaps use Becker's latest driver from

That's not the whole story.

All the drivers I've tried will work if compiled with USE_IO_OPS
defined, but will behave badly under load. That is, when heavily loaded
they will lock up and reset after a several-second timeout expires. This
is true for Becker's 1.09 driver, the latest in-kernel driver, and
Edward Peng's napi sundance driver. (With the exception that the napi
driver doesn't recover after it locks up). Peng's driver is at, and his email address from the dl2k
driver indicates that he works for Dlink.

I looked on dlink's web and ftp sites, but was unable to find any linux
driver for the DFE-580TX. How did you find it?

Jason Lunz Reflex Security
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