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SubjectRe: Linux SMP kernel bug with > 512M ram
Its a VIA motherboard, and I found the problem:
Thanks for the help.


Jeffrey Moss

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> From: "Steve Wolfe" <>
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> Subject: Re: Linux SMP kernel bug with > 512M ram
> Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 15:29:29 -0600
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> > I don't think its chipset or memory, the machines that crash have
> different brand
> > motherboards with different chipsets, I ran docmem for 24 hours on each
> stick of ram
> > and found no errors. The ram worked fine in my WindowsXP machine, and it
> works fine
> > when I use the non-smp kernel, and/or when I take the ram down to 2
> sticks (512
> > meg). I'm posting here because I believe I have narrowed it down to a
> bug in the
> > kernel.
> I've also been bit in the rear-end by memory bugs, and I can assure
> you, they can be devilish to find. First, rather than running a memory
> test on each individual stick, you MUST run the memory test on the actual
> system, with the actual RAM. Often times, weird, bizarre errors crop up
> in certain combinations and not in others.
> It's also a little difficult to convince people that it's a bug in the
> kernel, when there is an incredibly number of people who run SMP kernels
> with >512 MB. I maintain a decent number of such machines, and have seen
> absolutely *zero* problems of similar natures that weren't traced back to
> defective or incompatible hardware.
> I'm curious - what kinds of motherboards are you using, and what kinds
> of RAM? What kind of memory timings are specified in the BIOS?
> steve

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