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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?
Am Fre, 2002-09-06 um 17.38 schrieb Alan Cox:

> Get the IBM disk tools, upgrade the firmware and see what the ibm tools
> have to say. IBM drives have had some problems with spontaneous bad
> blocks appearing that go away with new firmware and a run of the disk
> tools.

The "run of the disk tools" that does away with the badblocks is a
lowlevel format; a tedious way to spent ones' time on a harddrive
that will die anyway soon.

> More importantly if thats the problem with the firmware update
> they dont come back until the drive really dies.

Right, which is probably shortly after. Especially on a two years
old drive I wouldn't go through all the troubles to backup 60GB
data, lowlevel format the drive, restore the data and hope the
problems are gone; instead I'd rather get a new drive within the
warranty and cross fingers.

BTW: I did the backup way exactly once and the drive got back to me
with new errors two weeks after.

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