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SubjectRe: ide drive dying?
Am Fre, 2002-09-06 um 17.26 schrieb Mike Dresser:

> Make backups immediately. Run ibm's DFT tool, get the code to RMA this
> thing back to IBM. Sell the replacement they send you to a sucker on
> eBAY, and buy yourself a new drive. You can pickup 80 gig drives for
> around 80 bucks nowadays. I used to recommend Maxtors, until they said
> they're cutting their warranty to one year from three. I don't know what
> to use anymore.

I did exactly this and bought a 80gig Maxtor for EUR 100 (don't know why
it would be so much cheaper at your place, but anyway). Unfortunately
the drive was broken right away, let's see how long the replacement
drive keeps running...

Seems like every major brand is just producing crap nowadays....

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