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SubjectRe: laptop screen apm problems
Hi Steve,

Not having heard from you, I decided to tinker with apm.c to see if I
could solve the problem. In particular I compared it with the 2.4.18
apm.c (I had no problems with 2.4.18). The following seems to fix my

Changing line 1786 in apm.c (from the 2.4.19 kernel tree) from:
idle_period = simple_strtol(str + 12, NULL, 0);

idle_period = simple_strtol(str + 15, NULL, 0);

solves the problem.


D. Sen wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I am experiencing some intermittent problems trying to suspend my
> laptop. The laptop (IBM Thinkpad T30) seems to suspend fine after using
> 'apm -s' or the Fn+F4 key stroke, but a miniscule of a second later, the
> LCD screen turns back on with a weird display. Going through the
> resume-suspend cycle a few times, I can usually get the machine to
> eventually suspend correctly.
> It seems like not enough time is given for the LCD to turn off correctly.
> In fact, when the problem happens if I do an 'apm -S' (or Fn+F3, to just
> turn the screen off) and then quickly follow it up using an 'apm -s' or
> Fn+F4, I usually get the correct suspend behaviour.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> DS

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