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Subject[2.5.33] bad: schedule() with irqs disabled!
Hey guys, 

got this one on my Inspiron 2500 - and still can`t see
a fix in Linus` bk-tree. Do people agree that do_softirq() is
the bad guy ? Anyone looking into this ? I haven`t got the time
right now as I am both trying to figure out the qlogicisp.c mess
and trying to get a working i81x framebuffer in 2.5.33. But I do
think it is time we get it fixed.

bad: schedule() with irqs disabled!
c1c05e2c c025c540 c11605e0 c1c05e54 c0111fd8 00000005 c03139d8 fffffffa
c1c05e50 00000046 c1c05e64 c0111fef c11605e0 00000000 c03139c0 c011a170
c1c04000 00000004 00000000 00000000 00000246 c022e5c0 c02e9460 00000004

Call Trace:

== Morten


"Livet er ikke for nybegynnere" - sitat fra en klok person.

Morten Helgesen
UNIX System Administrator & C Developer
Nextframe AS / 93445641
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