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SubjectANNOUNCE: gcml2 version 0.7.1

gcml2 is (among other things) a Linux kconfig language syntax checker.
Version 0.7.1 is available at:


This is a bugfix release of gcml2. Thanks to Randy Dunlap in particular
for reporting problems. Future announcements of minor releases will be
on the kbuild-devel list only.

Here is a brief change log.

* Fixed memory corruption error where the banner node was being
freed but not removed from the hashtable of all nodes.
* The CONFIG_DECSTATION bug in the mips port triggered an assert
failure in the overlap code; this case is now handled more
* Added two new warnings, condition-loop and dependency-loop.
* Gracefully handle case where a define_bool is conditional on itself.
* Fixed misfeature where failure to find a "source"d file would
terminate parsing the remainder of the rulebase.
* Using a symbol name instead of a sub-prompt as the default
value for a "choice" no longer causes a parse error.
* Various minor bugs, memory leaks, speed improvements.

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