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Subjecthow to use the second stream of compaq integrated raid(431) controllers with linux?

I know that list is for development discussion, but I need urgently some help.

I got a cheep Compaq Proliant 370 from a company, which had to stop business.
I got the disc array working with linux, but there is a DAT-streamer attached
to the second stream of that controller. How can I use that ? I can't see it
in /proc/scsi, and if I try /dev/st0, dev/st1, I get an unknown device error.
Does anyone know how to access that stream ? It looks like the kernel picks
up only the first stream.

I tried to get updated sources from the compaq ftp server, but there is no
linux subdirectory anymore as described in the user manual, but they say
that all drivers should be in the kernel package itself.

I tried the kernel shipped with Suse 7.0 and the one shipped with Suse 8.0

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger
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