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SubjectPossible bug and question about ide_notify_reboot in drivers/ide/ide.c (2.4.19)
The ide_notify_reboot function contains the following code fragment:

for (unit = 0; unit < MAX_DRIVES; ++unit) {
drive = &hwif->drives[unit];
if (!drive->present)

/* set the drive to standby */
printk("%s ", drive->name);
if (event != SYS_RESTART)
if (drive->driver != NULL && DRIVER(drive)->standby(drive))

if (drive->driver != NULL && DRIVER(drive)->cleanup(drive))

The standby() function returns 0 on success, and non-zero on failure. If standby() returns
failure status, the cleanup() call is skipped. Is this intentional?

Second, why do we need to put the disks on standby before halting? I ask because putting
the disks on standby puts my hard drives into a coma!! When I power up after a halt, I have
to go into the BIOS and force auto-detect to wake them back up. I've removed the "standby"
code and things seem to be functioning normally. I have an Epox 8K7A motherboard with two
Maxtor Hard drives (model 5T040H4).

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