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SubjectRe: XFS?
>> > So does Redhat/Suse/??? ship XFS yet? 
>> Don't know about RedHat & others, but SuSE _does_ ship XFS.
>I should probably keep out of the discussion and I am not presenting
>this as an argument for inclusion, but for an incomplete list of XFS
>users and distribution including it look here:

[shameless plug to follow]

you may add MSC.linux ( to your list. We
support it since day one. Probably not a mainstream reference, but we
are working in an application field that can make good use of XFS.

[end of shamelse plug]

Your list of users is great, but without mainstream support its growth
will be severely limited.

OK, but I understand people are working to change that for 2.6 :-)

Martin Knoblauch
Senior System Architect GmbH
Am Moosfeld 13
D-81829 Muenchen, Germany

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