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    SubjectRe: question on spinlocks
    On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 17:53, Thunder from the hill wrote:

    > If it was his least problem! He'll run straight into a "schedule w/IRQs
    > disabled" bug.

    No, the "schedule with irqs disabled" message is on involuntary
    reschedule (e.g. kernel preemption) when interrupts are disabled.

    It "safe" (maybe not sane) to call schedule() with interrupts disabled -
    some system calls and scheduler code do it since interrupts will be
    unconditionally enabled when rescheduled or upon returning to
    user-space. E.g., see sys_sched_yield().

    The actual problem with the above is that when schedule() returns,
    interrupts will be on and that is probably not the intention of the
    author. What Oliver probably wants to do is:


    The first unlock not having the irq-enable is an optimization as
    described above. Also note I did not use irqsave... if there is a
    chance interrupts were previously disabled and you have who-knows-what
    sort of call-chain behind you, it is probably not safe to go calling
    schedule() and reenabling interrupts anyhow.

    Robert Love

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