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SubjectSE7500CW2 motherboard

I'm having problems with the kernel debugger on a number of machines
with Intel SE7500CW2 motherboards.

When attempting to enter the debugger, either by pressing "PAUSE" or at
a breakpoint, one of four things will happen:

1. It works as expected.

2. It reboots.

3. It hangs. ie. input seems to have no effect, no signs of activity,
forced to power down.

4. It prints:

PCI System Error on Bus/Device/Function 00B0h
PCI Parity Error on Bus/Device/Function 00B0h

and then continues to function as expected.

In addition, it also occasionally hangs or reboots after entering the
debugger successfully and using it for a short while.

I'm using a 2.4.18 kernel, and the problems are only happening on Intel
SE7500CW2 motherboards (ie. I don't have problems on say an Intel SDS2).

Has anyone seen any similar problems? Has anyone had problems using
this motherboard? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Jason Zebchuk

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