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Subject[PATCH] (3/4) discontigmem support for i386 against 2.4.20pre3

This patch was written by Martin Bligh.

It changes all references of node_start_paddr and zone_start_paddr
to node_start_pfn and zone_start_pfn. This change is required to support PAE
for i386 discontigmem. A version of this patch is in the 2.4 aa tree.

Here's Martin's previous discussion regarding these changes:

I've tested this patch on the following configurations: UP, SMP, SMP PAE,
multiquad, multiquad PAE, multiquad DISCONTIGMEM, multiquad DISCONTIGMEM PAE.

Any and all feedback regarding this patch is greatly appreciated.


Patricia Gaughen (
IBM Linux Technology Center

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