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SubjectRedHat 7.3 kernel fix
I am hoping there are some out there using RedHat 7.3 on a DL380. We are
trying to do so, I have got 3 kernel panics in a week.

The setup is basically completely stock, I did do the 2.4.18-5 kernel
upgrade, basically running the RPM, then changing the lilo.conf to point
to the new kernel files and running /sbin/lilo.

I did not install 2.4.18-4 which mentions the SMP kernel panic
explicitly - should I have installed this before the -5 kernel? From the
errata it seems the -4 is superseded by -5 implying I didn't need it.
Also, should I be using the drivers on Compaq's site? My previous setup
was/is RedHat 6.2 with a 2.4.17 kernel and that worked beautifully.

At this point the machine known good hardware, although I moved some RAM
into it along with the OS move and I'm just not sure where to go. It's
in a data center so getting the on screen dump isn't easy, while there
is nothing in the logs.

I'm sorry I haven't provided much info - it's all I have, though.
Perhaps I'm just looking for somebody who has used the same OS and
hardware combo to let me know for sure it works.


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