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    SubjectRe: Safety of IRQ during i/o
    > I would think that this would be safe when using DMA, and likely to be
    > safe for PIO and more recent chipsets, but I wouldn't want to actually
    > tell anyone that.

    A little story from OLS. I have a 486/75 laptop, which can only
    do PIO. It always was losing characters evern on 9600 baud on its
    serial port, and I thought it was simply broken for five years.
    A guy who did a security talk showed me that doing hdparm -u
    fixes the problem. Apparently, the lappy has a non-buffering UART.

    So, it seems that hdparm -u is a very useful thing for obsotele
    boxes. If you do DMA, you probably do not care.

    -- Pete
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