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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 'select' failure or signal should not update timeout
Alan Cox wrote:
> > <>
> > says that 'select' may modify its timeout argument only "upon
> > successful completion". However, the Linux kernel sometimes modifies
> > the timeout argument even when 'select' fails or is interrupted.
> This is extremely useful behaviour. POSIX is broken here.

I tried to make use of this behavior back in 2.2 days, I think,
and ran into trouble. The time remaining wasn't quite right, I seem
to recall, making this nifty feature less useful. I've since
given up on it.

> Fix it in the C library or somewhere it doesn't harm the clueful

Can you give an example of a clueful package that makes
use of this feature and would be harmed if select() suddenly
became posix-compliant?

- Dan
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