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SubjectRE: Problem with Via Rhine- Kernel 2.4.18
Tried it against 2.4.19-rc1, and it worked fine for me. Came up with one
hunk failed, but that was in the comments section at the beginning so didn't
matter, the rest of the hunks succeeded at offsets.

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From: Roger Luethi []
Sent: 17 July 2002 15:35
To: O'Riordan, Kevin
Cc: 'Joseph Wenninger';
Subject: Re: Problem with Via Rhine- Kernel 2.4.18

> in May which fixed the problem and a new patch just a few days ago against
> 2.4.19-rc1(and against 2.4.19-rc2 as well I'd say as the via-rhine driver

Actually, the patch is against Jeff's public tree, which is somewhat
different from what's in rc1, against which I guess the patch will succeed
with offsets (rejecting the changelog portion, which is okay).

You can also try the ac kernel. Alan has the Rhine changes merged since

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