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SubjectRe: Off-Topic: We need your Help! Please help Cargolifter!
@ Andi

> This is definitively the wrong place for a mail like this.
That's why i wrote:
"We apologie for being off-topic.
We think that this airsphip is very important for
the whole humanity, especially in times of disasters.
We can't let this project die, that would be a big loss."
If i a have offended you i apologize again, sorry.

> Do you really
> think
> that somebody would spend money for people like you (investment
> banker...)?
No, i think that people would invest money
to move something on, to change the world, to make it better.
I am one of those persons who think this way, i am not a
bad investment banker.

The other thing is, it can't be called spending, it is more an
When you invest money into this initiative,
this money goes first to a notary public.
At this point the money is still in the hands of the notary public,
the decision to give the money to this company
depends on the following points:
1. The collected money must be more than 20 % of about 65 Million Euro.
This is because the German government would give 80 % of those 65 Millioen Euro
to the company when the company is able to find an
investor or a bank that is paying the other 20 %. In this case our
initiative is trying to collect the other half of this sum -> so these 20 %.

2. The company must first show a way that will move the company
back to break even.

When these points are matched the money can be invested into the
When those points are NOT matched every person who spent/invested money into
this intiative gets their money back (minus 0.15 % for notary
fees and things like that).

> It's over - you should realise that!
I hope you're not right.
There is still a change to change the world to get better.

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