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SubjectOff-Topic: We need your Help! Please help Cargolifter!

as you probably know from the press,
the airship company "Cargolifter AG" is in bad trouble.

Cargolifter is the only company in the world that
is building large airships
to carry heavy lift loads (up to 160 metric tons)
or transport medical equipment within hours to desaster areas.

We, a group of Cargolifter enthusiast
want to collect money to help that
company to survive so that it can continue
to build those large airships that will
help many people all over the world
in times of disasters (like earthquakes, famines etc.)
or in transportating goods, needed for building
infrastructures all over the world.

That is the website of our help-initiative:

And that is the website of the company Cargolifter:

In English:

In German:

Here some technical infos about the airship of the type CL160:

65 meters in diameter
265 meters in length
82 meters total height

up to 160 metric tons

We apologie for being off-topic.
We think that this airsphip is very important for
the whole humanity, especially in times of disasters.
We can't let this project die, that would be a big loss.

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