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SubjectRE: PROBLEM: memory corruption with i815 chipset variant

> Does the ram survive memtest86 overnight with no errors logged if you
boot memtest86 and just leave it ?
Survived 2hrs (couldn't test it more right now: the laptop is my work
machine [sigh]).

memtest with agpgart loaded (either static or module) started to report
errors in MUL, DIV, XOR and others since the first run, never the same
locations, never the same count. Without agpgart, it produced a joyously
boring stream of Test nn...passed.

memtest86 loaded from the boot diskette did the same...

However I'll test it more: tonight (here in Italy, it's 15:00) I'll leave
the thing running...

I need AGP...XFree won't talk to the Radeon without it...

Furthermore, I noted another small problem: first time I tried
2.4.19-pre8-ac5 I compiled the DRM statically along with agp, later I made
both of them modules and depmod starts complaining about vmalloc_to_page
not being defined...

Anyone has experienced same problems with other PCs?

Good work to all,
Alessandro Morelli
AlphaC srl

P.S.: Mr. Cox, I'm impressed: you must be a very busy person and yet you
answered an out-of-nowhere email in no time flat...Many thanks!

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