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Subject2.4.18: aic7xxx soft reboot broken
I recently upgraded to a 2.4.18 kernel on a machine with an Adaptec 
2940AU SCSI controller. Since the upgrade, soft reboots don't work; the
machine appears to shut down normally, but during the subsequent boot
the SCSI BIOS reports a timeout on an inquiry command and is unable to
find any drives on the bus. A hard power cycle is required to restore
the card to a state in which it can find the drives.

Problem seems to be that the reboot notifier for the new aic7xxx driver
is registered in aic7xxx_setup, which only gets called when there are
module or kernel command-line params for aic7xxx. Without reboot
notification and cleanup, the card is left in a bad state at shutdown,
and BIOS does not appear to clean it up during boot.

I think other people have run into the same problem:

Workaround is obvious, just feed the module any param to get the
notification registered, like aic7xxx=verbose, then soft reboots work
just fine. Fix would be to register the notifier whether there are
params or not. Also wouldn't hurt to check for SYS_POWER_OFF as well as
SYS_HALT and SYS_DOWN when handling the notify, SYS_POWER_OFF can result
in a halt without actually powering off on some machines.


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