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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Fbdev Bitkeeper repository
* Larry McVoy <> on Wed, Apr 17, 2002:

> I think BK can help you and you are so stuck on one way of doing things
> that you are ignoring that possibility. That's OK with me so long as
> it is just you, but you're posting in a public forum, to a group of
> people that I'm trying to help, and as long as you do, I'll be here,
> annoying as heck, explaining why you are wrong. I'm not saying that you
> are wrong about BK drop-ins, you're right about that. We're fixing it as
> fast as we can, it's in my top 3 work items right now. In the meantime,
> if you poked around, there are lots of ways to use BK and I'm 99% sure
> you could find one that would result in less work overall for you than
> what you are doing now. I don't care if *you* find one, I care if
> others find one. We're trying to maximize productive work for the
> largest number of people, and I find your posts counterproductive to
> that goal.

The cool thing is, since the linuxconsole drop-in wasn't going anywhere, I
can move on to more useful pursuits instead of going back and forth with you.
If you want to spend your time denegrating other SCMs and people that don't
subscribe to your divine development tenets, more power to you. I've
learned enough from this thread to not waste time arguing with you. Next
time someone says something about Bitkeeper that I happen to agree or
disagree with, do you suppose I should just e-mail them privately? Or
should I post here to make sure it gets under your scrutinizing eye?

Apologies to those who read this God awful thread without hitting Control-D
first :P.

M. R.
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